The Communication Problem

Corresponding via post with patients is not only cumbersome and slow but very costly....the NHS spent £100m communicating via post in 2018. 

Poor communication or miscommunication (appointment letters not reaching patients on time, patients not being able to get in contact with clinics via telephone to reschedule and so on) in a resource-limited healthcare system can have a catastrophic impact both financially and clinically. Nearly half a million outpatient appointments were missed in Ireland in 2017....much of this caused by miscommunication.

Furthermore, worldwide, clinicians are struggling to communicate protected health information clinician-to-clinician and clinician-to-patient in a manner that is secure, efficient & compliant.


The Wellola Solution

At Wellola, we believe only the sickest of the sick should be hospitalised and that the future of healthcare is preventative, community-based and supported by digital tools. Our technology is designed to be an easy-to-use care enabler for all providers, from sole traders to Hospital Trusts.


Wellola's digital gateway offers hospitals and clinics the opportunity to modernise how they care for and communicate with their patients, handling real-time scheduling for in-person and online care, and ongoing correspondence in a manner that is GDPR- compliant, low cost and branded to their needs, resulting in substantial savings for that hospital and an improved healthcare experience for the patient. 


Own-branded to your organisations' usage, Wellola could offer cost savings of £1 for every appointment letter, bill, receipt or other correspondence that doesn’t need to be posted. Almost £100 is saved for every appointment that is attended to as opposed to missed (as a direct result of the auto-reminder or e-visit features) or re-filled via our real-time self-scheduling system.


Different patients have different needs. Wellola gives clinics & hospitals the tools to offer a more equitable, accessible and rounded care package. Accessing advice and care via smartphone can be invaluable in facilitating community-based care and reaching marginalised patients, including ethnic minorities, travelers and socially disadvantaged groups.

Integrated Care Infrastructure

Not only can we reduce correspondence & no show costs be we can also support your organisation in offering hospital-at-home and community-based care. Our design securely bridges the communication gap between healthcare providers in primary & secondary care when sharing referrals or protected health information. The benefits our Wellola include......

Benefits of Our Digital Gateway


  • Increased Patient Engagement & Self Management of Care
  • Reduce Postage Costs, Reduce No-Show Rates
  • Facilitate Ease Of Payment For Private Patients
  • Make care more accessible, convenient, increase compliance, reach under-serviced communities
  • Messaging Therapy and/or Secure File Sharing online or in-app
  • Expedite & Centralise Communications with Patients & their Providers
  • Secure File Share/ Storage - move to paperless process
  • Facilitate Chronic Patient Population. Compliment online education with real-time care
  • Easy Set Up. Improve Patient Experience
  • Industry Best Practice to allow for interoperability with existing systems

Features of Our Digital Gateway

  • Patient Portal- branded to customer needs
  • Online Booking for in-person or e-visit sessions with appointment reminders
  • Optional Online Payment Facility: at reservation, e-invoicing, in video call
  • Video Consultation via SMS/ email or in-app
  • Secure Messaging
  • GDPR-compliant Correspondence (provider to patient & provider)
  • Store images and documents with client file
  • Client Library- upload ongoing educational material
  • Branded to customers requirements (white-labelled solution)
  • FHIR/ HL7 API available where required

Wellola For SMEs

Professional care through painless technology. 

Meet your patients' needs via video consultations, secure messaging and face-to-face scheduling, all directly from your clinic website.

Take a 30-Day Free trial, set up quick & easily and optimise your patients' healthcare experience today. 

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