The Benefits Of Our Digital Gateway

Digitise Communications


Improve patient to provider and provider to provider communications via one central cloud-based platform. This can be web-based or app based or both, stand alone or fully integrated via secure FHIR/ HL7 API.

Cost Savings


Reduce avoidable postage costs. Ongoing correspondence, reminders, bills, receipts or clinical messaging can occur within our software. Message direct, attach documents, upload a library of educational material for chronically unwell or ongoing patients. 

Reduced No Shows


Self-scheduling for in-person or online care not only empowers your patients but also improves their perception of higher quality care. Real-time scheduling ensures that all sessions are availed of and waiting lists are reduced.   

Personalise appointment reminders to reduce likeliness of no-shows. Fill last minute cancelations with an alternative convenient video-consultation.

Offer Community Care



Offer your patients a seamless healthcare experience from online booking and SMS appointment reminders to billing. Provide secure video consultations with no downloads.
Now available, unlimited, for FREE with Wellola.

Clinician To Clinician


Expedite the sharing of data between clinicians. This allows for secure message and file sharing within a given clinic or from primary to secondary care, supporting clinicians in expedient and GDPR compliant data sharing of protected health information.

Stand Alone or Integrated


Wellola can function as a communications portal as a stand alone (branded to your organisations needs) or integrate fully with incumbent software systems using industry best practice FHIR/ HL7 application interface.

The Features You Can Offer

Omni-channel Scheduling & Appointment Reminders


Patient no-shows can hurt clinics by up to 10% of annual revenue, wasting valuable human resources and contributing to growing waiting lists. 

Enable your patients to self-schedule 24/7 for both face-to-face or video-consultations, depending on how much of your schedule you choose to show.


Scheduling is backed up by SMS and email reminders, saving you time and money. Never have a patient forget an appointment again. 

Integrated Video Consultation- In App, Via text or email link


Give your patients access to secure video-consultations via text or email link with no downloads required. Also available in-app for our Enterprise Customers. 

Our state-of-the-art peer to peer encrypted video conferencing ensures your calls are always fully secure. 

Avail of unlimited, FREE video consultations. 

No downloads required, giving your patients a seamless healthcare experience 

Works From Your Website/ App SME & Enterprise Versions Available


For hospitals/ trusts we can deliver own branded gateways in 6-8 weeks. If you are an SME, you can start with a free trial today and easily embed a patient portal on your own website.

Patient Portal


  Offer your patients a seamless healthcare experience from online booking and SMS appointment reminders to billing. Provide secure video consultations with no downloads.
Now available, unlimited, for FREE with Wellola.

Stand alone or fully integrated via FHIR/HL& API, facilitate patients to manage their information via your own branded portal. 

Secure Messaging


Secure messaging can be used as an alternative treatment method or a GDPR compliant means of sharing health-information.

Security: Centralise all communication & documentation pertaining to your patients in one secure facility. We take the care of your data very seriously. Your data is stored in secure, HIPAA-compliant, servers based in the EU with daily backups and 2048-bit encryption in transit.

Accessibility: Access your clinic schedule and patient records wherever you go, available from any of your devices via secure, password-protected login. 

Integrated Payment



No more chasing patient invoices. Set up easily today to avail of online payment and eInvoicing facilities. No terminal required, no setup, monthly or hidden fees.

Make payment hassle free for you patients. Features include securing card details at the point of reservation, e-invoicing or integrated video-consultation payment.


Card Processing: Option to secure debit/credit card details at the point of appointment reservation and store payment details for ongoing accounts. "Pay my provider" integrated into video consultations.

eInvoicing: Take the hassle out of collecting payment and allow your clients to pay their invoices in their own time using our eInvoicing feature. Keep track of invoices/receipts easily.

No Set-up Fee: Wellola makes it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. Set up your merchant service account in minutes. No fixed monthly or hidden fees.

Need More Information?

Our website is only the tip of the ice-berg! We would love to hear your story and learn how we might take your organisation's client communication services to a new level. Please feel free to take a moment to drop us a line.

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