FAQs on Subcription

Do I need to enter my Card details on sign-up?

No. You only need to enter in your credit/debit card details if you choose to continue using Wellola after your free 30-day trial.

How do I pay for my Subscription?

By credit/debit card. When you subscribe to Wellola after your 30-day free trial, you input your card details which is then charged monthly.

Are there cancellation fees?

No. You can cancel your subscription for free at anytime. You will be able to access you account until the end of your subscription period.

Can I change the number of Providers I pay for?

Yes. You can change the amount of providers in your plan at any time from your dashboard. You pay for the amount of time you use have an amount of providers allocated.

Can I import my current data?

Yes. You can import your patient information using our import tool.Detail your services

FAQs on Security

Where is my Data being kept?

Your data is kept on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers located in the EU. We may make copies of your data in other regions as backups to prevent loss of data, but it will always be kept within the EU. 

Who can see my Patient Notes?

The clients clinician, and any clinic clinicians that the patient is shared with can see the patients notes. Wellola IT staff also do have access to these notes but they are not viewed unless there is a specific reason to. I.e. there is an issue/bug with the patient notes section of the website.

Is my data encrypted?

Your data is encrypted when being transferred from your device to our servers using a 256-bit SSL certificate. This prevents any “man in the middle” attacks where a malicious actor might try to pretend to be Wellola in order to get you to send your data to them.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, your data is backed up daily. These backups are then deleted after 14 days.