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Wellola Software and Services can be procured in one of four ways:

(i) Per Department 

(ii) Per Hospital 

(iii) Enterprise licence (unrestricted use across a Hospital Trust or Network of Clinicians) 

(iv) Per Pilot or R&D Project 

Our Prices are inclusive of a customer branded web application of Wellola:

These quotes allow for the three phases of our implementation approach to enable connected care through integrated technology: 

• Phase 1) Discovery & Personalisation 

• Phase 2) Implementation of Customer branded and configured interfaces 

• Phase 3) Full Technical Support (Hosting, Maintenance, Version Upgrades, Dedicated Account Management) 


Full customer and technical support (9-5 Monday- Friday) is included as standard. Dedicated out-of-office-hours 24/7/365 technical support can be facilitated, terms of which will be agreed at point of contract. 


Where integration to third party systems or services is requested by the client, a quote will be provided on a case by case basis reflecting the effort involved in carrying out the defined scope. This can be completed via FHIR/ HL7 API or RPA. However, Wellola can work fully as a stand alone.

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