About Us

Our Mission


At Wellola, our mission is to ensure that only the sickest of the sick are hospitalised. 

Our digital gateway enables healthcare providers to keep well people well, and treat those that are unwell, in the community where possible.

Who Benefits From Our Services


Wellola offers hospitals & clinics an own-branded digital gateway (online and app based) that revolutionises how they care for and communicate with their patients and securely share sensitive data with one another. 

Benefits include reducing correspondence & no show costs and supporting community-based care via secure e-visit and messaging systems. 

Our cloud-based platform bridges the communication gap for both provider-to-provider and patient-to-provider and is fully interoperable (FHIR/HL7 API). 

What We Do


Features include 

real-time scheduling for in-person and online care (e-visit in app or via text), secure messaging (handling ongoing correspondence and educational material in a manner that is GDPR- compliant, low cost, and branded to their needs), resulting in substantial savings for that clinic or hospital and an improved healthcare experience for the patient.